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Child Support And Spousal Support Attorney

If you and your partner have children but are no longer together, it is important to seek the counsel of an expert child support and spousal support lawyer. Dallas attorney Katie L. Lewis has handled support and maintenance cases for divorced couples, domestic partners and unmarried parents. Every case is different, and our firm is committed to extremely individualized support and planning.

Child Support

In Texas, child support payments are calculated based on statute. Custody and support are often closely linked, although support amounts can be negotiated. For instance, a couple may decide to off-set the child support obligation based upon equal possession times with the children. If you decide to disregard standard child support stipulations, your agreement will need to be approved by a judge. Consulting an attorney can help enable you and your former partner to secure a successful agreement.

Spousal Support And Spousal Maintenance

During a divorce proceeding, one spouse may be granted temporary spousal support from the other. Such a decision is temporary, and after the proceedings are finalized, an ex-spouse may be granted spousal maintenance pursuant to the laws in Texas. These payments are based on several factors, including how long you were married, your age, education, employment status and necessary expenses.

Although there are statutes that help determine these calculations, as with child support, it is possible for every couple to determine their own arrangement. As a firm specializing in family law, we have helped families with these agreements many times and can help you achieve your goals, too.

Support Modification

As with child custody, it is possible to secure a modification of child support. A modification can be attained if there has been a significant change in your financial circumstances or if your former partner’s circumstances have changed significantly.

Whether you would like to create your own support and maintenance agreement or want to ensure that you and your child are cared for under Texas state law, our firm can help. Call us at  214-461-5028  or contact us online to discuss your options.