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Defending Yourself Through A Complex And Contested Divorce

If you or your spouse are filing for divorce in Dallas, and one or both of you have large assets, properties or businesses, these issues can complicate your case. Instead of taking chances with your future, get the representation you need at . We have the skill and dedication necessary to handle any divorce.

How We Can Help You

Not every lawyer can represent the best interests in your divorce, but our team at Katie L. Lewis, P.C., can lead you through divorces like:

  • High-asset divorce
  • Complex property and asset division
  • Business owner, executive or professional divorce
  • Divorce involving complex retirement accounts

More often than not, it is essential to have an expert help you with your divorce, such as a valuator, financial advisor, appraiser or accountant. We take the time to consult with any expert witness that can help us maximize the outcome of your divorce. We can also rely on these experts to locate any possible hidden assets.

What Is Your Fair Share?

Texas courtrooms presume that all assets gained during the marriage qualify as community-owned property. There are some exceptions to this, such as gifts and inheritance. If you can prove an asset qualifies, you may be able to exempt it from any asset division. When it comes to many retirement accounts, a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) can be necessary to divide these accounts. We can help you gain the portions of your assets that belong to you while protecting what is rightfully yours.

How Can I Defend My Assets Now?

In many divorces, one side may worry that the other will spend, get rid of, or otherwise hide their assets before the divorce finalizes. In these cases, you can have legal orders placed to protect your assets. These orders will place an injunction on the spouse to keep them from recklessly spending anything until the divorce finalizes. Proper planning can also help you protect your assets in the meantime.

Take Control Of Your Divorce

While a divorce can seem complex and overwhelming, it is possible to influence the outcome of it in your favor. If you are looking to protect your best interests in your divorce, contact our Dallas office today. Call us 214-461-5028 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.