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Quarantine induced stress may trigger jump in divorce rates

Although official data is not yet available, family law experts are reporting an increase in questions about divorce. These experts note that quarantine, stay-at-home orders and personal attempts to reduce risk of exposure to the novel Coronavirus are likely behind the jump in divorce inquires.

When is a postnuptial agreement a good idea?

Marriage is about starting a life with a partner. Regardless of who you are or how you met, you want the relationship to succeed.

Often, couples view prenuptial agreements as a negative start to the relationship. Even those who feel like the agreement is necessary can feel like they are planning for the relationship to fail.

Do grandparents have a right to child custody?

Grandparents who are interested in playing an active role in their grandchildren’s rights may wonder what happens in the event of a divorce. Do they still have a right to see their grandchildren? The answer will depend on a number of factors, including the state. Family law is a creature of state law, so which state the divorce is taking place in matters. This post will focus specifically on the issue of grandparent rights in Texas.

Dividing digital assets during a divorce

Not that long ago, dividing assets after a divorce meant going through tangible objects and deciding who would get to have which items. When there was an argument about who could keep something, it was a matter of determining whether it belonged to the individual or the couple.

While many assets are still tangible items around the home, more assets are digital. These items may seem insignificant, but digital collections accumulated over the course of a marriage can add up quickly.

When do children get to decide who they live with?

Divorce is difficult for both parents and children. No one involved planned to change how the family would interact and function.

Children can have an especially difficult time. Even young children can feel like their opinion is not considered when it is time to decide whom they will live with and how often they get to see the other parent.

Does child custody change when one child goes to college?

Divorce can be devastating. Once you establish child custody, you and your family find a way to reach a new sense of normalcy.

Having a child starting college can be an exciting time. Now that one of your children is getting ready for college, it will be time to consider how things will change as you and your other children adjust to a member of your family being away at college.

The challenge of proper business valuation in divorce

Couples who have focused on building a financial future while married might have amassed stocks, investments, retirement accounts and income properties. Additionally, it is not uncommon for a married couple to either create a business together or cooperate to ensure a business’s growth and prosperity. When divorce becomes a reality, unfortunately, the family business must be accurately valued before it can be divided between the divorcing couple.

Child custody during the coronavirus pandemic

Sharing custody of children during the pandemic can be difficult. Parents may have questions about what is in the best interest of their children and whether or not meeting that interest would violate a court order. Although the exact answer depends on the details of each case, the following basic information can help you navigate this difficult situation.