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Custody And Support

When discussing child custody and support, often people immediately think of divorce, but there are numerous situations in which the legal interests of children need to be decided. Katie L. Lewis has handled many cases in Dallas County involving:

Third-Party Rights

In Texas, there are not any explicit rights given to grandparents or close relatives of a child when it comes to custody and visitation, unless it is seen to be in the best interest of the child. Often this means proving that the parents or parent is unfit to care for the child or that the third-party has been a long-term primary caretaker of the child. Speaking with an experienced family law attorney can help you determine if it is possible to seek visitation rights or if custody is an option.

Unmarried Partners With Children

No matter your previous partnership status, every parent has a right to be involved in his or her child’s life. Determining custody and visitation in these situations is often intricately related to paternity, residence, recognition of parental duties and status of adoption. Situations involving unmarried parents can be particularly complex and it is of the utmost importance to secure the legal counsel of an attorney specializing in family law.

Support And Financial Obligations

Although Texas has stringent legal guidelines regarding child and spousal support, not all aspects of financial planning are covered by statute. If you have a child with special needs, he or she may need child support well beyond turning 18. In these situations, a petition needs to be filed before the child reaches that age to ensure that both parents provide for the child’s needs in the future.

Identify Your Rights

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