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Your Family Law Attorney In Dallas

Your family is the most important thing in your life, and it is crucial to find a lawyer whose background and expertise are devoted to protecting families. At Katie L. Lewis, P.C. Family Law, you will work with a professional who is board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in family law. No matter what your family issue may be we will devote ourselves to helping you move forward. We handle family law issues such as:

Emergency Protective Orders

When you or your child feel threatened, nothing matters more than making sure you are safe and protected. If your family has experienced domestic violence, your child has been taken from you or you feel someone is creating an unsafe situation for you or your child, it is important to file a petition and receive emergency orders as early as possible. Our firm is quick to respond, experienced and devoted to your family’s safety.


In Texas, paternity laws can be detailed and confusing. The legal definition of fatherhood is dependent upon biology, timing, marital status and a variety of other factors. If the paternity of a child is not legally validated early on, there could be unexpected long-term issues regarding custody and visitation as well as child support at a later date. If you have questions regarding rights and responsibilities or the status of a child’s paternity, it is important to seek the guidance of an attorney who specializes in family law.

Take Control

No matter what your family situation may be, by seeking the help of a skilled lawyer, you can ensure that your interests are always protected. Don’t let the law take control of your life. Make an appointment by calling us at 214-461-5028  or contacting us online.