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When I contacted Katie Lewis in June of 2016 my life was on the brink of a dramatic and shocking change. I had just been served papers that my one year old divorce was needing to be modified by my former spouse. I didn’t see any of this coming and shocked is a mild way of putting how I felt. I was scared, angry, frustrated, confused and if I didn’t say it clearly enough, really scared. I contacted the attorney that had represented me for my initial divorce and was painted a picture of gloom. “Maybe you’ll lose your weekdays, maybe your ex will get to move your child away from you, maybe your child support will increase, maybe your daughter will have to change schools, maybe you’ll lose some rights as a parent.” This wasn’t what any father wants to hear when his relationship with his 6-year old daughter is at stake. My daughter had stability and had finally gotten to a place of peace and understanding. This was all now in jeopardy. I went on a search for a new attorney. I would need a tough-minded individual to represent me. A person who didn’t buy into the idea that dad gets whatever he gets and comes second to the mother. I needed someone that believed my initial divorce decree afforded the protections my daughter and I needed for her to grow and be happy with both parents. I found that person in Katie Lewis.

Katie eased my mind right away when we first spoke over the phone. My former spouse hired a very well-known and pricey law firm to try and destroy and discredit me as a father. They greatly underestimated the power of a great attorney and a great dad. Katie gave me her background of working with fathers and explained my rights up front. She never made any promises and I did not go into this fight blindly, but I did go into this fight prepared. Katie was with me every step of the way. There were moments when I wanted to give up. There were moments when I was beyond angry and frustrated. Katie always listened and gave me her expert advice, but the decision was always mine and she made that clear. During the hardest year of my life, I knew I had someone who was on the front line of this battle for me and that helped tremendously.

After 14 months of depositions, mediations, therapy appointments, parent facilitation, and trial, Katie and I came out victorious. Katie was able to understand the dynamics at play in my case and understood what was truly in the best interest of little girl. Due to Katie’s hard work, expertise, and toughness with opposing counsel, we were able to secure the future for my daughter that she deserves. There are no guarantees in this process or in life, but there is one thing I knew I could count on and that was Katie Lewis doing everything in her power to help me and my daughter stay together and maintain the bond that started the moment that little girl was born.

I will never forget the hard work Katie and her staff provided me. They were quick to respond to my questions. They were all kind and attentive over the phone, email and in person. I always felt like I was their most important client and I bet all of their clients feel the same way. That’s the way an attorney and her staff should be. I highly recommend Katie Lewis for any case where family is everything and losing isn’t an option.

Thank you so much Katie. You have a friend in me and my gratitude for a lifetime.


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