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The Latest With Lewis – May 2022

This month we are excited to introduce to you our newest Intake Specialist, Emma Clark. Emma was raised in a small town just 40 minutes south of Chicago, Illinois. She recently graduated from Joliet Junior College in December of 2021 as an Administrative Professional major with a concentration in Law. Emma moved to Texas in February of 2022 to start her law career and discover new places.

Emma loves to spend her time outdoors with her new puppy, Freya, an Australian Shepherd mix. Emma is growing her talents in photography. She also FaceTime’s her family from Illinois a lot in her free time, especially her niece and nephew.

The Importance Of Communicating With Your Children After Divorce

When you and your spouse face divorce, helping your children adjust and learn to accept the new status quo takes time, but the effort is more than worthwhile.

Communication is essential between the two of you and your children as you work to build new family relationships in a post-divorce world.
– Being Honest: First, your children need to know that you love them and will continue to care for them even though there will be two households in the new order of things following the divorce. You should be honest in explaining why the family unit is breaking up.
– Staying Involved: Both you and the other parent can use communication to stay involved in the lives of your children. Whether by phone, email or in-person discussions, you can use teamwork to make major decisions about the children and resolve conflicts.
– Showing Respect: Resolve not to criticize or tear down your former spouse in front of your children. Do not air your grievances around them… Read More

Happy News

After a young boy’s woodworking project went viral, he seized on his new internet following to raise money—not for himself—but for the children of Ukraine.

The power of a viral social media post never ceases to astound. When Gabriel Clarkie’s proud dad tweeted a link to his son’s hobby, carving wooden bowls and posting them for sale on Instagram, it went viral. After Gabriel pledged to make one bowl to be given out in a lottery to anyone who makes a donation to Save The Children Ukraine.

By the end, Gabriel’s bowl raied over $310,000 to support the children of Ukraine!

What Would Prompt You To Consider A Postnuptial Agreement?

A postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement except that you create a postnup after marriage rather than before you walk down the aisle.

What kind of circumstance would cause you to consider a postnup, and what benefits can you expect?
– Protecting Your Assets: A sudden change in your finances may cause you to think of a postnuptial agreement. Whether it be due to the hard work you put into your business before marriage or your income has risen dramatically, a postnup can help you protect your share of the income—or more—in the event of a divorce.
– Protecting Your Children: In the event of a divorce, you may want to ensure financial stability for your children through a previous marriage. In a postnup, you can provide instructions that will prevent assets intended for your children from going to your spouse.
– Liability: If you are among those facing a later-in-life divorce, you may be in for a shock when you realize that your retirement nest egg will undergo a split down the middle. A postnuptial agreement can be…. Read More