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The Latest With Lewis – August 2022

Meet our newest Intake Specialist, Sarah Curl-Larson! Sarah graduated with a degree in history and with a minor in anthropology from University of Illinois Chicago. Prior to joining Katie L. Lewis, P.C. Family Law, she worked as a paralegal in a personal injury law firm. Sarah has always had a passion for family law and helping children. Before joining the legal field, she worked in social work and paid her dues in the service industry. Sarah is a surrealist painter, whose work has been in galleries nationally. Sarah also runs a small business as an artist and illustrator.

When Sarah’s not wearing one of her many hats, she enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors with her family and is an avid hiker and runner.

Meet The Summer Interns

At Katie L. Lewis, P.C. Family Law’s Office, there are currently two summer interns: Heather Jones and Jackson Long. Heather is starting her first year of law school this month at Southern Methodist University. She graduated from Texas Tech in May with a major in Communication. Jackson is entering into his senior year of college at Abilene Christian University with majors in Accounting and Finance. He plans to enroll in law school in the fall of 2023.

While Heather’s summer internship is about to end, Jackson’s is year round. Jackson even makes these newsletters for you each month!

We are so proud of both Heather and Jackson and we know they will go on to do great things!

Your Divorce And The Distribution Of Retirement Account Funds

Perhaps you and your spouse are ending a long marriage and one of your concerns is the fair division of your retirement accounts knowing that Texas is a community property state.

Different types of retirement plans have different rules about distribution and some rules are more complex than others.
– QDRO Distributions: A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is a legal document used for the division of 401(k), pension or other employer-sponsored retirement plans. The QDRO ensures that distribution is fair to the parties dividing the funds.
– Beneficiary Updates: There are various ways for you to accept retirement fund distributions as a result of the divorce. You can request a direct transfer, which allows you to roll the funds into your own retirement account. You can also defer receipt of an employee retirement account distribution until the owner of the account retires. Another option is simply to cash out your share of the funds.
– Tax Consequences: Different tax consequences apply to different kinds of retirement accounts. For example… Read More

Happy News

An intrepid TikToker has documented her experience working alongside an octopus or two at her job at an aquarium.

Maddy C. cleans the aquarium interior, and seems unable to escape the attention of the resident octopus. Putting closed captions in its beak, the octopus seems to clearly demonstrate its species’ immense intelligence, which some scientists reckon to be equal to a three-year old human child.

Everything from playing around, thievery, and a goodnight kiss, “Octavia’s” thirst for Maddy’s attention, interspersed with random cephalopod facts, makes for dynamite viewing, but be sure to watch until the end.

How May Parental Burnout Or Stress Affect A Child Custody Order?

Stress or fatigue while caring for a child could reflect an individual experiencing parental burnout. The American Psychological Association reports that symptoms of a parent’s burnout include emotional exhaustion. Conflicts with children may often contribute.

Individuals may find themselves feeling depersonalized. Their surroundings may not seem “real.” If you notice changes in your ex-spouse’s personality or your child expresses concern, you may begin documenting the symptoms.
– Common Symptoms: As reported by Healthline.com, burnout is a condition that originates from an individual’s reactions to external and chronic stress. He or she may, for example, feel physically or mentally exhausted from the constant pressure of parenting demands. Displays of anger or irritability toward a child reflect signs of emotional exhaustion. Some parents begin questioning their ability to care for a child.
– When To Request A Change To Your Order: If distress leads to an ex-spouse’s negative behavior or violence, it may require modifying your court-ordered child custody agreement. The Texas State Law Library notes that you may petition the court to change a custody or visitation arrangement. Under the Texas Family Code… Read More