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The Latest With Lewis – September 2023

We are very excited to introduce to you the newest member of the KLL Family and Erica’s son, Graham. Graham was born in August at 7 pounds, 13 ounces, and 20 inches long, and we feel comfortable saying that he is without a doubt one of the cutest babies to ever be born!

As you can see, Erica is already teaching him to root for the Kansas City Chiefs, and we have no doubts he will become their #1 fan!

Four Ways Marital Assets Get Squandered During Divorce

As a community property state, you want to ensure that all marital property is properly accounted for in Texas.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for one spouse to engage in wasteful spending, potentially jeopardizing the distribution of marital assets. Understanding how this can happen and how to address it is important for safeguarding your financial future.
– Excessive Spending: One way a spouse may squander marital assets is by indulging in excessive spending. This could involve luxury purchases, lavish vacations or extravagant lifestyle upgrades. It is essential to keep a close eye on financial records and collect evidence of such spending, such as bank statements and credit card bills.
– Selling Assets at a Loss: Another tactic is selling marital assets, such as real estate or investments, at a significantly reduced price. This not only reduces the overall value of the marital estate but also prevents the other spouse from receiving their fair share. To address this, gather evidence of the sale prices compared to the market value and present it during the divorce proceedings.
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Three Myths About Divorce

Everybody hopes that their marriage will last forever – but that just doesn’t always happen. It’s a misconception that divorce is always a bad thing, however, because many people have left unhappy marriages only to live more fulfilled lives after. When you’re approaching a divorce (or already in the thick of it), it’s important to make sure that you don’t buy into any common myths about the process

The above are only a few common myths about divorce. It’s easy to believe divorce myths at first glance, but it’s often important to do research before jumping to conclusions. Here are a few more myths debunked:
– Long-Term Marriages Are Safe From Divorce: Truth: Over the last few years, marriage rates have dropped below half to around 40%. However, a closer look at the statistics shows that divorce rates among older couples, many of whom have been married for years, are actually on the rise. If you’re approaching retirement and looking at divorce, you’re far from alone.
– People Should Always Seek Therapy Before Divorce: Truth: When people have problems in their marriages, many couples will seek marriage therapists to help couples work through complex issues. While therapists have helped many people rekindle their marriages, it’s not for everyone.
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Happy News

His name is Lieutenant Dan, and he is a bearded dragon. For those of you who have watched Forest Gump, you may get a kick out of that name because Dan the lizard has no feet!

Duke Animal Hospital in Chicago, first shared Lt. Dan’s story on TikTok, explaining that he would be euthanized after his feet fell off and he fell very ill. Thankfully, one of the nurses nursed him back to health and has lived a very happy life for the past year!

Despite losing all four of his feet, Lt. Dan has learned to walk again and acts as an inspiring story to us all!