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The Latest With Lewis – September 2022

On August 17th, 2022, the Katie L. Lewis, P.C. Family Law office went to Globe Life Field to watch the Texas Rangers play the Oakland A’s. Along the third base line, our team enjoyed getting to have some fun outside of the office together while sporting our favorite baseball team gear.

Everyone had an amazing time, and the we will certainly be back for another game soon!

How Do People Hide Assets?

For as long as people have gotten divorces, they have also been hiding assets. But what exactly does asset hiding mean?

It is important to understand how it happens and the common ways people pull this off in order to better understand where to look for hidden assets.
– Transferring Assets: Forbes talks about asset hiding during divorce. Asset hiding involves a person taking some portion of their assets, whether that is property, income or more, and hiding them away from their spouse during divorce. For example, using money to buy high priced items like cars or electronics with the intent of selling them after the divorce finalizes.
– Uses of Digital Wallets: Related to that, a more recent tactic involves using digital wallets in the same way. Instead of buying cars or material goods, people instead buy cryptocurrency. They generally believe this a safe method because fewer people know about digital wallets, though that is changing in the modern climate. If a spouse owns a business, they might try to invent false employees to pay. They then take the paychecks for these fake workers and keep that money to themselves.
– Paying Back False Debts: Finally, a spouse could pretend to pay back a debt owed, but in reality… Read More

Happy News

In a photograph that won Christian Ziegler “Highly Commended Image” at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest, a bonobo ape appears to be cuddling a mongoose as if it were a pet.

Ziegler was exploring bonobo habitat in the Democratic Republic of Congo, wading chest deep flooded forest for days in Salonga National Park.Coming across a young male bonobo, he noticed the ape was holding a mongoose in his hand.

Perfectly capturing the mystery and technical brilliance that are the standards for the competition, held by the Natural History Museum in London, this incredible story-in-a-photo ended later on, when the bonobo released the mongoose which went on its way.

Who Does Joint Custody Work For?

When going through a divorce, parents still want what is best for their children. Unfortunately, it is impossible to protect a child from every negative thing that may result from divorce. But it is possible to alleviate some of the potential damage, and custody options can help with this.

Joint custody, for example, can have many positive impacts on a child’s life. But just who does this option really work for?
– What Do Studies Show: Psychology Today talks about joint custody. This option involves both parents sharing custody over the child instead of one parent having sole custody and the other having visitation rights. Studies have shown that joint custody has a more positive impact on a child in the years following divorce. For example, these children seem to have a better set of coping mechanisms that allow for healthier relationships in both childhood and adulthood.
– Situations Where It Does Not Work: However, joint custody does not work for every family. In fact, with some families, it is best if only one parent has legal and physical custody of the child. This is especially true in cases where one parent faces allegations of abuse or neglect. It can also apply if… Read More