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The Latest With Lewis – October 2022

We are excited to introduce to you, Stara Roemer. After graduating from the University of Texas school of Law in 2005, Stara has spent the last 10 years as an Assistant District Attorney in Dallas County. She has worked cases from low level drug offenses to capital murder, but she spent three years of her career specializing as a family violence prosecutor.

Stara now dedicates her career to applying her skills to best help you during these difficult times in your life.

We are also excited for you to meet Kassie Hines. Kassie graduated from UNT Dallas College of Law in 2021 with honors cum laude. Before that, she spent nearly 15 years working as a paralegal for a civil litigation firm.

Now, Kassie enjoys representing spouses and parents in their LGBTQ+ family law issues while focusing her legal practice on high-stakes marital property issues.

In her free time, Kassie enjoys spending time with her wife, stepdaughter, and rescue pop, going to concerts, traveling, and watching sports.

Myths About Prenuptial Agreements

Most people do not understand prenuptial agreements, and this leads to misunderstandings about them. You may have people in your social circle who try to convince you not to get a prenuptial agreement.

The people in your life doubtlessly want what is best for you and give this advice with the best of intentions. However, that does not mean that it is good advice. Insider debunks some of the most persistent myths about prenuptial agreements.
– A Postnuptial Agreement Is As Good As A Prenup: Family members may tell you that you do not need a prenuptial agreement because you can get a postnuptial agreement if you decide that you need it. Technically this is true, but a postnuptial agreement may not offer you or your spouse as much protection as a prenup because any assets you or your spouse acquire between the marriage and the postnup become marital property.
– You Can Wait To Sign The Prenup Until Right Before The Wedding: Again, technically correct but misleading. If you and your spouse wait to sign the prenup until the wedding is only days or hours at hand, it may look as though one of you coerced the other. This can invalidate the agreement. If you decide on a prenup, it should be one of the first things you take care of after the engagement.
– You Do Not Need A Prenup Because You Will Never Divorce: In the first place, you have no way of knowing… Read More

Happy News

Nasa recently conducted its first test of the Double-Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART for short. The test is designed to see if a large asteroid were to be on a collision course with Earth, could we stop it? This was conducted with a smaller asteroid not on course with Earth, and it perfectly hit its mark.

The test was a complete success making direct impact. This may seem like a silly thing to only happen in movies, but NASA stated that global defense is one of the most unifying things in the entire world that brings us all closer together.

When Do Separate Bank Accounts Cause Marital Trouble?

In theory, two married people share everything equally with each other, including their finances.

In practice, it is common for each spouse to maintain a stash of cash separate from the family finances for his or her own use. This does not always spell trouble for the marriage, but the Detroit Free Press describes several instances in which it could cause a problem.
– The Account is Secret: Most experts agree that it is acceptable, perhaps even healthy, for each spouse to maintain some independent funds. However, while spouses do not necessarily have to account to one another for every penny they spend, they should not hide the fact that they have independent savings from one another. If the existence of the account itself is a secret, this could cause a breach of trust.
– The Amount Of Secret Spending Is Significant: During premarital counseling, future spouses may have to answer questions about how much they think is acceptable to spend at a time without telling their significant other. If one spouse is routinely spending thousands of dollars at a time without telling the other, that could be a source of marital strife.
– One Spouse’s Spending Puts The Other At Risk: A spouse who frequently makes significant purchases in secret may… Read More