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The Latest With Lewis – November 2022

We would like to introduce you to our newest Front Desk Coordinator, Britany Winn. Britany is a senior at Texas Tech University where she majors in General Studies with a concentration in Political Science, Sociology, and Addictive Disorders and Recovery Studies. She hopes to soon attend law school and become a lawyer.

Britany enjoys going on vacation to her two favorite places: Nashville and Fredericksburg. She also enjoys spending time with her nieces and nephews and going horseback riding.

What Are A Father’s Rights?

Within the broad area of family law, child custody is often one of the more contentious matters attorneys help their clients tackle. This is because it can be difficult to figure out what is best for the kids when a family is breaking apart. It is also due to deep-seated cultural beliefs about the roles mothers and fathers play in raising kids.

According to Psychology Today, there are five evolutionary reasons kids tend to rely more on mothers than fathers. Still, most child psychologists believe dads are just as important as moms when it comes to bringing up kids. In the family law context, the term, “fathers’ rights,” attempts to level the playing field.
– What Rights Do Dads Have: Like mothers, fathers should have the right to make important decisions about their children’s care and development. These decisions can center around religious practices, health care, education, environment, childcare and other important matters. Dads also should have the right to spend time with their children. Moreover, if someone else wants to adopt your kids, you should have some say in whether the adoption goes through.
– How Can You Protect Your Rights: As you probably suspect, it can be difficult to assert your rights as a father if you do not have legal custody of your kids. Therefore, if you have lost custody… Read More

Happy News

A German Shepherd named Nola is best buddies with a little boy who is seen slumbering in a new video.

Their mom began taking the video to show the world just how the cozy dog began to snuggle with her toddler. She then realized that Nola was actually stealing the toddler’s pacifier for herself.

Click here to see the video.

Can A Prenuptial Agreement Protect Your Heirloom Ring?

If you follow spouses-to-be on social media, you have probably seen at least one over-the-top marriage proposal. After all, likely because of social media, these proposals are becoming more common. If you are not flashy, you can make your proposal special by dropping to one knee and presenting your partner with an heirloom ring.

Even though divorce may be far from your mind now, your marriage may not turn out as you expect. Indeed, according to World Population Review, the divorce rate in the Lone Star State is more than 10%. Therefore, you should take steps to protect your heirloom ring in the event of a divorce.
– Can You Lose The Ring: When married couples divorce in Texas, they must divide everything they jointly own. This usually includes all assets acquired during the marriage. There is an exception for gifts, though. Specifically, the spouse who receives the gift can usually keep it. Your engagement ring is a gift you make to your soon-to-be spouse, so you have some risk of losing it during a divorce. Still, some special rules may apply to your heirloom ring. If so, you may have a genuine argument for seeking its return to you.
– How Can You Protect Yourself: Rather than hoping special rules will save your heirloom ring, you should consider negotiating a prenuptial agreement. With a prenup, you can… Read More