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The Latest With Lewis – May 2023

The Law Firm of Katie L. Lewis, P.C. Family Law was a Pride Sponsor of the LGBT Law Section of the State Bar of Texas’ 25th Anniversary in Dallas, Texas on April 15, 2023.

Hundreds of members from the LGBT Law Section came from all over the State of Texas for an all-day CLE, cocktail hour, and creative black-tie dinner held at the Arts District Mansion in downtown Dallas. The CLE panelists included social and political activists, attorneys, and judges/justices, who touched on a rainbow of topics from the formation of the LGBT Law Section to trans rights to book bans. The sold-out cocktail hour and dinner were a fashion show and the place to be! Afterwards, the fun continued at the afterparty, hosted at S4 in Oak Lawn, one of the country’s largest LGBTQIA+ neighborhoods.

All proceeds of this tremendous event benefited the LGBT Law Section of the State Bar, which now has the highest membership count in history.

What Does and Does Not Belong in a Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement is an excellent way to preplan for decisions you may have to make should your marriage not work out as you hope. Like an insurance policy, you would only need a prenup in a worst-case scenario.

There are limitations to what this document can address. Even with that, you may still want to consider that any preplanning you can do in the beginning will make things easier for you in the end.
– What You Should Include In A Prenup: There are some possibly contentious issues that you can account for in a prenup, and one of them is the financial division of property. Here, you can set the tone for how you and your future spouse agree to divide anything you accumulate while married. You can also define premarital or separate property in a prenuptial agreement, so you and your spouse do not wind up disputing this in the event of a divorce.
– What Does Not Go Into A Prenup: While you can account for most of the financial aspects of a divorce, one very difficult issue you cannot include is anything to do with future children. Since Texas family court judges focus on the best interests of children in divorce… Read More

Happy News

A stranded dog’s tail would not stop wagging with joy as fire crews reached his perilous perch, and rescued him from a sheer cliff face. Firefighters at Temple Fire Station in Bristol, England, were called out to Yate Quarry after the spaniel fell into the quarry.

Footage captured from the drone shows the 9-month-old black and white springer spaniel perched precariously on a steep ledge, where it had fallen after tumbling down from the walking path while on an evening stroll with its owners. Thankfully the dog suffered minor injuries.

Click here to watch the heartwarming moment.

How to Navigate a Pretentious Divorce

Divorce can be a challenging and emotionally charged process, especially when the parties are unable to reach an agreement on the terms of the divorce.

In a contentious divorce, the parties may disagree on issues such as child custody, property division and support, which can lead to a lengthy and stressful legal battle. Because of that, it is helpful to know how to navigate a contentious divorce.
– Prioritize Communication: Communication is essential in any divorce, but it is especially crucial in a contentious divorce. Try to remain civil and respectful when communicating with your spouse, even if it is challenging. Consider using a neutral third-party mediator to facilitate communication and help the parties find common ground. By prioritizing communication, you may be able to avoid unnecessary conflicts and reach an agreement outside of court.
– Consult with Professionals: Navigating a contentious divorce can be overwhelming, and it is essential to seek guidance from qualified professionals. Consider consulting with a therapist to help you manage your emotions and cope with the stress of the divorce.
– Be Willing to Compromise: Compromise is critical in a contentious divorce. It is important to consider… Read More