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The Latest With Lewis – July 2023

We would like to recognize our very own Erica Eslinger for being recognized by Best Lawyers Magazine in their Texas 2023 edition! Erica was named as a Best Lawyers “One To Watch” in the area of Family Law!

These recognitions are given to attorneys who are earlier in their careers for outstanding professional excellence in private practice in the United States. Typically, the recipients have been in practice for 5-9 years. Best Lawyer utilizes a peer-reviewed methodology to award the title, and we could not be more proud of Erica!

Visit Best Lawyers for more details.

Assessing the Impact of Infidelity on a Texas Divorce

A whirlwind of emotions can follow the discovery of infidelity in a marriage. The road to divorce often proves rocky, with the unfaithful partner’s actions creating waves of doubt, anger and confusion.

Does infidelity, however, truly affect the outcome of a divorce proceeding in Texas? This question sparks curiosity in many individuals undergoing divorce due to a partner’s unfaithfulness.
– Texas Is A No-Fault Divorce State: Primarily, Texas is a “no-fault” divorce state. Therefore, it is entirely possible to obtain a divorce without mentioning infidelity. However, Texas also allows for fault-based divorce, which includes adultery as one of the grounds. If a spouse chooses to pursue a fault-based divorce due to adultery, they must prove the infidelity occurred, which can impact the divorce in a few ways.
– Effect On Division Of Property: Texas law dictates that the court divide marital property in a manner that is “just and right.” Although this generally means a 50/50 split, the unfaithful spouse may end up receiving less than half of the marital property.
– Influence on Spousal Maintenance: Infidelity can also impact spousal maintenance (also known as alimony). While not a guarantee, courts in Texas may award additional spousal maintenance to the faithful spouse.
– Impact On Child Custody: Contrary to what some might believe, infidelity does not typically have a direct impact on child custody decisions unless… Read More

Happy News

This little fellow is the Burmese peacock softshell turtle, and he’s sitting here in the hands of one of the first humans to ever hatch them in captivity.

As one of the most endangered freshwater turtle species on the planet, it’s hoped the 15 hatchlings will go a long way towards preserving these beautiful reptiles for future generations of Myanmar’s people.

According to the conservation group, the video of the turtles hatching is the first known recording of the species born in the wild. Click here to watch the heartwarming moment.

Rebuilding Your Life After Divorce

The end of a marriage can be a tumultuous time filled with change, uncertainty and emotional upheaval. It often requires a complete reimagining of one’s life and future. Yet, amid the challenges and hardships, it is possible to rebuild a fulfilling life after a divorce.

Finding this new normal, however, is not an immediate process. Here are several strategies that can make this transition easier and help individuals reclaim their lives after a divorce.
– Engaging In Self-Care And Healing: Divorce can be emotionally draining, making self-care essential during the healing process. Engaging in activities that promote physical health, such as exercise and balanced nutrition, can help ease stress and foster emotional well-being. Speaking with a professional counselor or joining a support group for individuals who have gone through a divorce can help with emotional healing.
– Fostering Independence: Divorce often requires a new level of independence. Learning new skills, taking on new responsibilities and becoming financially independent can foster a strong sense of self-reliance and confidence. It also opens up opportunities for personal growth and development.
– Creating New Routines: Establishing new routines can provide a sense of normalcy and stability. This could involve developing new traditions, finding new favorite places or starting a new hobby.
– Building A Support Network: Support from friends and family can be invaluable during this transition period. Leaning on loved ones for emotional support, advice or just companionship can… Read More