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The Latest With Lewis – February 2023

We would like to introduce you to our newest Paralegal, Kyle Reed. Kyle hails from Lufkin, Texas and has lived in the DFW area since 2018. Kyle lives in Lewisville with his wife, Sydnee, and his Great Pyrenees, Vivian. Kyle graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a major in History and spent several years working with various Members of Congress and Texas State House offices.

Kyle spends his free time travelling with Sydnee, watching Texas Longhorn football in the fall, listening to Dan Carlin podcasts and Tyler Childers, as well as collecting artifacts and maps of historic battlefields.

What Happens To Student Loans After A Divorce?

Divorce requires you to decide what to do with the assets and property you and your spouse accumulated during your marriage. In addition to assets, you also have to split your debts. Generally, the debts you acquired during the marriage belong to you and your spouse. However, when it comes to student loans, it may be a more tricky situation.

The court may consider student loans marital or separate property depending on your situation.
– When Did You Obtain Your Loans: If you took student loans before marriage, you have complete responsibility for them after the divorce. Even if you had combined income to make payments on the loans, you take on full responsibility once alone. However, if you obtained the student loans during your marriage, you both may be responsible for the loan. If your education benefited both of you and you both spent student loan money on your basic needs, you may have to split the student loan debt.
– How Did Your Spouse Support Your Education: Even if you obtained the loans during the marriage, how your spouse supported the education may alter… Read More

Happy News

A three-month-old western lowland gorilla named Bruno recently had his first steps caught on film. Bruno was born at the Fort Worth Zoo in November to gorillas, Gracie and Elmo.

Bruno is now the second gorilla to be born at the zoo, after his older brother, Gus, was born in 2015.

If you would like to see the video, click here.

How Can Divorce Affect Your Physical Health?

When you fall out of love with your spouse or when the two of you cannot communicate without fighting, the stress of the marriage can be detrimental to your physical and mental health. While divorce can be the most healthy option for you, divorce is also a significant life change and stressor.

Divorce can impact your physical healthyour physical health in the short and long term. Understanding the impact can help you manage your health to prevent future issues.
– Cardiac Issues: Did you know that divorced people have a 20% higher chance of developing long-term health issues, including heart disease? Divorced men, in particular, tend to have more heart attacks and strokes than non-divorced men. Part of the reason men have more cardiac issues than women is that they do not tend to seek emotional support. Chronic stress, depression and anxiety can cause serious cardiovascular issues.
– Immune System Issues: Chronic stress wreaks havoc on your immune system. When your immune system weakens, you become more… Read More