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The Latest With Lewis – August 2023

On August 6, 2023, Katie Lewis was asked speak at the 2023 Texas Advanced Family Law Conference in San Antonio, Texas. The Texas Advanced Family Law Conference is the largest continuing legal education conference in the nation. Katie wrote a paper together titled Client Intake and Expectations: I’m Your Drama Client, I’m the Most Fun and presented on this paper at the conference.

Also, on August 11, 2023, Kassie Hines attended the Lambda Legal 25th Anniversary Landmark Dinner. Some of the keynote speakers at the dinner were former and current clients of Lambda Legal. Kassie was recognized by two plaintiffs in the current PFLAG v. Governor Abbott case for her and the firm’s continued support and assistance as their pro bono counsel.

We are incredibly proud of both Katie and Kassie for their recent accomplishments!

Do Stay-At-Home Parents Have An Advantage In Custody Battles?

When couples face divorce, one of the most pressing concerns is the custody of their children. Stay-at-home parents may wonder if their role as the primary caregiver gives them an advantage in custody battles. There may be a time when courts favored stay-at-home parents. But while some factors may provide an edge, the outcome in today’s legal landscape depends on various considerations.
– The Importance of the Child’s Best Interests: In custody battles, the court’s primary concern is the child’s well-being. Factors like emotional support, stability and parental involvement are crucial. Stay-at-home parents may have an advantage if they can demonstrate a strong bond with the child and an active role in their upbringing.
– Impact of Financial Stability: Financial stability is another vital aspect considered by the court. Both parents’ financial capability to support the child can influence custody decisions. Working parents can demonstrate their ability to provide for their child’s needs as effectively as stay-at-home parents.
– Shared Custody is a Growing Trend: Shared custody arrangements are becoming more common. Courts recognize the importance… Read More

The Importance Of Accurate Business Valuation In A Divorce

As one of the only states with jurisdiction over community property, the Texas family court will decide how to divide your property in a divorce. If the law recognizes your business as community property, then it is no longer only your business. It is subject to property division, regardless of whether you own all the shares or did all the work to get the business to where it is today.

The court rarely allows divorce owners to share ownership. Therefore, the spouse who wants to keep the business must buy out the other spouse. Accurate business valuation ensures that the spouse will buy out the spouse at a price that is fair to both parties. Ultimately, the divorcing spouses would need to determine the standard of value they want to use before proceeding with an appraisal.
– What is the Standard of Value in Business Valuation: The standard of value is the value that the spouses want to obtain based on circumstances and hypothetical conditions including the fair market value, the fair value, and the investment value. Determining the value of a business can be confusing because there are varying methods to go about it, and they do not guarantee the same result. The divorcing parties can seek business valuation professionals’ help to define a value standard.
– What is the Standard of Value in a Texas Divorce: A business has continuously moving parts that can affect its daily or hourly worth. Having a standard of value can eliminate… Read More

Happy News

When a fragrance wafted through the bedrooms of older adults for two hours every night for six months, memories skyrocketed. Participants in the study by neuroscientists reaped a 226% increase in cognitive capacity compared to the control group.

The University of California researchers in Irvine said the finding transforms the long-known tie between smell and memory into an easy, non-invasive technique for strengthening memory and potentially deterring dementia.

The team would next like to study the technique’s impact on people with diagnosed cognitive loss. The researchers also say they hope the finding will lead to more investigations into olfactory therapies for memory impairment.