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The Latest With Lewis – April 2023

In the past month, the KLL Team has celebrated 3 fun events together: The Dallas Family Law Section Bench Bar, the Genesis Young Leaders Masquerade Ball, and Judge Adkins’s Birthday Celebration at the KLL Office!

The Dallas Family Law Section Bar is a yearly continuing legal education conference for both attorneys and paralegals to receive training over various family law topics. The presentations cover many subjects such as how to avoid mistakes and bias, how to best keep the children of a divorce in mind, and so much more! This year’s conference had a theme of 007: Secret Service Training. Our Team had a blast at the event and took great pleasure in continuing their legal education!

The Genesis Young Leaders Masquerade Ball is a yearly fundraiser to raise capital for Genesis, a Women’s Shelter and Support Center, for those who have been victims of domestic violence. Genesis puts on the Masquerade Ball to help support nearly 1,300 women and children who turn to Genesis for help each year. The KLL attorneys had a great time supporting and celebrating this cause. This year’s Genesis Young Leaders Masquerade Ball raised over $131,000.00 for the Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support Center.

Finally, it was our honor to host a birthday reception at the KLL Office for the newly elected Honorable LaDeitra Adkins, the new District Judge of the 303rd Judicial District Court of Dallas County, Texas!

How To Share Financial Responsibilities With Your Ex-Spouse?

While sharing your finances may end when you divorce, you may still have to make financial decisions together if you have children. Unfortunately, many couples have difficulty discussing their finances during a tumultuous marriage, much less following the divorce.

If you have a co-parenting plan with your former spouse, there are ways to make the adjustment easier for you and your children.
– Choose Respect and Communication: If you treat your relationship like a business arrangement, it will be easier for you to put your feelings aside and focus on the best interests of your kids. Try to be respectful, even when you are not in communication. Your kids are less likely to pick up those negative feelings when you do not talk badly about one another. Likewise, you may have an easier time focusing on the positive elements of your parenting rather than the negative aspects of your relationship.
– Stay Consistent in Your Parenting Decisions: Try to stick to your parenting plan as much as possible. Many couples choose to determine how to… Read More

Happy News

A private space tech firm will become the first entity to launch a 3D-printed rocket, which is technically the largest 3D-printed object as well.

Totally reusable, the Terran 1 will launched on March 8th by Relativity Space. Relativity Space is a company whose goal is to lower the cost and emissions of space travel. While Terran 1 is only a small payload rocket to make small deliveries into space, this launch was a great step forward in lower cost space travel while doing no harm to the environment!

Do You Suspect Asset Hiding?

When going through divorce, you will have to deal with asset division. This is often one of the biggest potential hurdles in divorce, especially for childless couples who do not have to worry about custody or visitation.

Some spouses make it even harder, too. They do this by trying to hide assets, which can create a lot of problems.
– Digital Asset Hiding: CNBC discusses ways that a spouse may attempt to hide assets in divorce. First, they may go the digital route. This is a relatively new method that relies on an old-school type of asset hiding. The spouse will purchase bitcoin or another type of cryptocurrency in bulk. They have the intention of selling their stocks after the divorce gets finalized, thus getting all of that money back without having to share any of it.
– Repayment of False Debts: Another common technique involves a person repaying a false debt. They will give money to a friend or family member, stating that they owe… Read More