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Realizing fair divorce outcomes: fathers’ rights in Texas

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Fathers' Rights |

Fathers involved in divorce matters in Texas and nationally frequently saw worst-case scenarios they envisioned routinely play out in prior generations.

That often meant this: mom awarded virtual control over the kids, with dad being relegated to an occasional home-linked presence via a limited visitation schedule. The phrase “every other weekend dad” was once common parlance. Many fathers immersed in family law matters flatly believed that justice was a one-way street.

Some fathers still feel that way, but objective realities that have emerged in subsequent years – especially in relatively recent times – now underscore a changed landscape, especially in divorce expectations and outcomes.

For example, a once-rare shared custody outcome between parents is now commonplace. So too are instances of Texas fathers being awarded primary custody of their kids. We spotlight two fundamental truths concerning divorce-linked parental roles in Texas on our website at the proven Dallas family law firm of Katie L. Lewis, P.C.

Namely, those are these: “Every parent is entitled to specific parental rights and duties regarding their children,” and “In Texas, fathers’ and mothers’ rights are equal in the eyes of the law.”

Those realities centrally influence the mindsets of judges having oversight in divorce matters. Moreover, they closely guide the representation of every experienced and empathetic attorney seeking to fully promote the interests of valued and diverse clients.

Whether you are a divorcing Texas mom or dad, rest assured that a family law firm with a demonstrated record of client advocacy will diligently safeguard your legal rights every step of the way.

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