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How to use technology to reduce child custody complications

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Firm News |

When parents go through a divorce, one of their primary concerns is how they can protect the interests of their children. Divorce is an emotionally challenging process for every member of the family, especially for young kids who do not fully understand what is happening. It is important to provide stability and continuity of lifestyle as much as possible.

A strong custody order and reasonable parenting plan is a crucial step in your efforts to protect your kids as much as possible. However, it is also smart to find ways to co-parent peacefully in order to reduce the chance of post-divorce complications as much as possible. There are specific tools that can help you in your effort to make post-divorce parenting as easy as possible.

Is an app the right solution?

Simply because a divorce is over does not mean that remaining difficult feelings between parents will magically go away. Co-parenting is not easy, and it can take a while to adjust to the emotional implications of your children not being with you all the time, as well as the logistics of keeping up with various schedules. There are specific apps that can allow you to easily and more effectively manage custody schedules, including the following:

  • Google Calendar
  • Cozi
  • coParenter
  • CutsodyJunction

These calendars can allow multiple users, such as you and your ex-spouse, to clearly view the same calendar. You can schedule drop-off and pick-up times, meetings, changes in schedule, school events, sporting events and more. This can reduce complications and confusion, which in turn, often leads to less conflict.

When parents are in communication and there is a good system in place, it can make post-divorce life much easier for the kids. There is evidence that allowing the kids to have strong relationships with both parents after divorce is best, and using some of these technological tools can help you do that.

Starting with a good custody plan

If you want to make your post-divorce life easier and more stable for your children, it is important to pursue custody and visitation terms that make practical sense. Smart, thorough plans are better for everyone, but you may have to set aside your personal feelings in order to compromise and keep the needs of the children first.

Due to the sensitive nature of any child custody issue, you will find it beneficial to speak with an experienced family law attorney regarding your parental rights. He or she can help you understand how you can seek a custody plan that will work for your family for years to come.