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Financial professionals you may want on your divorce team

On Behalf of | May 12, 2023 | Divorce |

Once your Texas marriage runs its course, you may worry about being able to maintain a lifestyle that is similar to the one you enjoy now. Divorce is undoubtedly going to impact your financial future, but there are certain things you might do to limit how much of an impact it has. For example, you may want to think about adding one or more financial professionals to your divorce team to help you navigate asset division, spousal maintenance and similar matters.

According to Kiplinger, the exact financial professionals with whom you may want to work might vary based on your current financial status and what you want your financial status to look like the day you divorce. However, many people in similar situations find it useful to hire one or more of the following financial professionals while a divorce is in the works.

A certified public accountant

Most CPAs have a comprehensive understanding of how divorce impacts each party’s tax obligations. While a CPA may be able to help you plan accordingly for tax season and avoid any major, unforeseen tax bills, some CPAs also work as forensic accountants. This means they may be able to help you find hidden income streams or other assets your spouse may be trying to conceal.

A certified divorce financial analyst

Many people also like working with CDFAs amid divorce, particularly if they have concerns about otherwise reaching a fair divorce settlement. While a CDFA may be able to help you with asset division, this type of professional may also help you with long-term financial planning.

Other financial professionals you may want to consider working with amid divorce include business valuators and Certified Value Builders, among others.