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How to use the Paternity Registry

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2023 | Fathers' Rights |

The Paternity Registry allows fathers to assert their paternal rights. While it cannot grant legal rights to a child, it does make the intent to claim a child public.

The father may wish to file a Notice of Intent to Claim Paternity with the Paternity Registry if he has not had success claiming his rights to his child through other means.

Who can use it

The registry is for any man who wants to claim the paternity of a child. You can file a notice that indicates you believe you are the biological father of the child.

When to use it

You may wish to file a notice with the registry if you have tried to claim paternity but the mother refuses to acknowledge your claim and will not sign a paternity form to acknowledge your rights. There are multiple men saying they are the father of the child.

Why use it

While the registry will not give you legal rights to your child, it does help you to make a public acknowledgment of your claim. It shows you are willing to take responsibility and desire to help raise and care for your child. It also ensures that should the mother attempt to have another man adopt the child, your claim is available when the court attempts to research the biological father.

Note that to file a notice of intent, you must do so either before the child’s birth or within 31 days of the birth. It is a time-sensitive process, so make sure you assert your rights before it is too late.