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Is there a right way to talk about prenuptial agreements?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2023 | Prenuptial Agreements |

A prenuptial agreement can clarify your expectations early on and put provisions in place to protect you and your significant other despite unexpected circumstances.

Finding the right way to start a discussion about your interest in a prenuptial could go a long way in how accepting your partner is of the idea.

Wait for an appropriate time

The month before your wedding is a less-than-ideal time to start talking about a prenuptial. You will want to wait for an appropriate time when your partner will be most receptive to the conversation. If possible, wait for a time with little stress and no pressing obligations.

Highlight the mutual benefits

Understand what a prenuptial is for, as well as what you wish to gain from it prior to starting the conversation. According to CNN Business, prenuptial agreements concern financial matters only. They can be particularly helpful if you own a business or have substantial wealth going into marriage. Similarly, if one of you has a lot of debt, a prenuptial can clarify who will maintain responsibility for those debts throughout the marriage.

Despite having personal reasons for wanting an agreement, do your best to highlight its benefits for both parties when you speak with your partner. Coming from a place of genuine care and strategically making the agreement work for both people may improve your partner’s acceptance.

If a divorce does happen in the future, your agreement could speed things up and save you a lot of grief and resources. You can also consider a sunset clause which will void the agreement after you reach a specific point in your marriage.