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Should you use social media during your divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2022 | Divorce |

Social media is great for a lot of reasons, such as connecting with your loved ones even when far away. However, it can also be quite damaging during a divorce, as it can invite lots of stress and hurt feelings.

Using social media during divorce is tricky, and you must understand specific challenges to ensure the best possible outcome. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you navigate the process.

Consider not using social media during your divorce

For most people, the best course of action is to delete their profiles while the divorce is in process. Doing so prevents your ex from checking up on your feed and finding information that they could potentially use against you. It also prevents others from negatively commenting on the divorce or other family conflicts related to it.

In the same respect, deleting your profiles can also save you lots of stress and worry. You may want to check out your ex’s feed, which can result in hurt feelings if you see a post that you do not care for. Now is the time for self-care, and social media often gets in the way of that.

What to do if you are not ready to quit social media altogether

If you choose to stay on social media, be sure to adjust your settings properly. Your feed should be completely private to prevent others from accessing it. Additionally, you should consider removing any mutual friends you have with your ex. It is possible that these people will relay information to your former spouse, which can complicate matters further.

As for your children, check their feeds periodically to ensure they are handling the divorce well. The process is usually even harder on kids, and children may lash out on social media as a way of venting.