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How can a couple work out a prenuptial agreement?

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2022 | Firm News |

Given the commonality of divorce nowadays, you may consider signing a prenuptial agreement to protect your personal property. However, you might wonder if your future spouse will be enthusiastic about the idea or if even bringing it up could endanger your marriage before it starts.

Psychology Today explains that prenuptial negotiations could actually forge a deeper connection between spouses as they may lead to meaningful discussions about married life. Here is a look at how to use prenuptial talks in a way that encourages cooperation and harmony.

Start talks as soon as possible

Ideally, prenuptial negotiations should begin before the two of you delve into wedding planning. With sufficient time to talk things over, your fiancé may feel more relaxed about signing a prenup than if you approached your future wife or husband a few weeks or even days before the wedding date.

Work out the agreement together

Presenting a drafted prenup to your fiancé without any prior discussion could provoke a rejection simply because your spouse-to-be did not have any input into the document. If the two of you have significant input in the prenup, it may encourage both of you to feel you own the agreement.

Understand the needs of your fiancé

While seeking to protect your interests in your prenup, you should consider the concerns of your fiancé. Your future wife or husband might be more receptive to your desires if you help your future spouse in return, perhaps with a provision for alimony or funds to help find a job in the event of a divorce.

Also, keep in mind that family courts are alert to unfair prenuptial agreements. Drafting a prenup with the wishes of your fiancé in mind may encourage a judge to uphold it in the event your marriage does not work out.