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Is it time to end your marriage?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2022 | Divorce |

Maintaining your relationship in light of recent events may prove more difficult than you thought. If you spend time wondering if your marriage is over, chances are it is.

What are indicators that you should end your relationship? While each couple is different, some symptoms remain prevalent when predicting divorce. Take a look at a few signs that you and your spouse may want to part ways.

Do you talk much?

Communication is crucial in every relationship, but it is the most critical element in marriage. Without maintaining an open line of conversation, you and your spouse close yourselves off. This may lead to resentment and feelings of solitude. If you and your spouse no longer talk about things other than work and children, it may show something has changed.

Have you stopped becoming intimate?

Intimacy in marriage remains important, even after decades together. A physical closeness connects you and your spouse. If you have put intimacy on the back burner for too long and lost the desire for it, you may want to step back and examine why.

Did an event occur that impacted the marriage?

Life is difficult, and for married couples, the strains of family and work balance may prove too extreme. In some cases, a spouse may seek connection outside the marriage in the form of an affair. It may become physical or remain an emotional relationship, but in any event, it may cause your marriage to end. In Texas, adultery is grounds for divorce, and if relevant in your situation, you may want to explore the benefits and drawbacks of filing under it.

Becoming aware of the marital end may help you and your spouse agree on many of the issues you need to settle a divorce. Otherwise, you may wind up taking the chance that a judge may make decisions that impact your future.