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What should you know about gray divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2021 | Divorce |

Gray divorce involves adults over the age of 55. Divorce later in life is more popular than any other form of divorce. In some cases, couples may remain together for the sake of their children or finances, but in older adulthood, those are less likely to hold them back.

According to Today, since no two marriages are the same, every gray divorce comes with its own set of unique circumstances. There are, however, some similarities between gray divorce know.

Gray divorce may be less complex emotionally

At a young age, divorce can be more complex. You may face more judgment because you have young children or have to deal with the wrath and judgment of your extended family.

As an older adult, you know what you need out of a partner and it may be easier to recognize that you no longer receive what you need from your spouse. While divorce later in life may be easier for couples, it can be difficult for your children.

Adult children struggle with divorce and how they perceive their past. They may be shocked, confused and question whether they lived a lie throughout childhood.

Gray divorce may be more complex financially

The financial situation may be trickier as an older adult. You and your spouse built wealth and assets together. You have to decide who controls what you build together. You may have difficulty separating the finances. In many instances, one spouse takes care of the finances where the other spouse does not. Half of the couples may not have a deep understanding of the financial situation.

Never feel ashamed of divorce, no matter your age. You deserve to live and love without stigma.