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What are your rights as a parent?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2021 | Child Custody |

As a parent, you have specific rights to your child once you have established legal paternity. For mothers, this occurs upon birth, and for fathers, it may occur upon birth if the mother is your spouse or after you go through the legal steps to establish paternity.

If you and the other parent are no longer in a relationship, you still retain rights to your child. The only exception is if a court removed or restricts your rights. In general, the Texas Constitution and Statutes explain nobody but the court can take away your rights as a parent.


You have the right to get information about your child, including education and medical information. You also have the right to all documentation about your child concerning his or her welfare, education and health.


You have the right to make decisions or be a part of decision-making concerning your child. The other parent will have to discuss major decisions with you before proceeding. You have the right to meet with doctors, teachers and others to gather information to make an informed decision.

Other rights

In addition, you can attend school functions, complete school paperwork and manage your child’s estate.

Keep in mind, in most child custody situations, the court will outline your specific rights. The law divides them into physical and legal custody. Legal custody covers the right to make decisions for the child and physical is your right to see the child or have the child in your home. The court’s decisions may alter the rights you have as a parent.