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Mediation helps the family through divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2020 | Divorce |

Families face many challenges when a parent files for divorce. Separating a marriage and its property while also managing the emotions of any involved children is not an easy task. Thankfully, co-parents have another option.

Over the past 20 years, couples have been turning to mediation. This popular option for civil dispute resolution offers a path through dividing property, deciding custody matters and resolving future disputes.

Co-parents enjoy many benefits of mediation

Couples who wish to pursue a divorce through mediation must first acquire approval from a judge. Most of the time, a judge will allow a couple to use mediation by merely asking for it. The key to a successfully mediated divorce resolution is cooperation and enthusiasm. If parents can focus on working together, the entire family may enjoy the following benefits:

  • Couple’s choice of mediator: Unlike a judge, a couple may choose their mediator. A professional mediator receives training in communication and collaboration techniques that help disputing parties reach a compromise. Mediators do not issue fault in a divorce but guide spouses toward a place of mutual understanding that results in a legally binding agreement.
  • Flexible scheduling: Mediated negotiations can happen in any neutral location, meaning that couples do not have to wait for an opening in a court schedule. With a traditional divorce, a family may have to wait months before even seeing a judge. Mediation can begin as soon as possible.
  • Reduced cost: Since mediation does not require a courtroom, a couple will not have to pay for court personnel. Many lawyers cost less during mediation, and some states cover the mediator’s fee. Mediation could save a family thousands of dollars.
  • Secure privacy: Parents will appreciate the confidentiality of mediation. A court stenographer records everything that happens in a courtroom, even the negative things said between spouses. Future disputes may require a family to relive those painful moments. The agreement is all that matters with mediation.
  • Increased satisfaction with results: Without a judge issuing fault that may leave one or both parents dissatisfied, a mediated resolution is one the parents design together. Each spouse understands every item in the agreement, which helps the family find comfort and security moving forward.

Find more answers with a local attorney

Spouses curious about how mediation might serve their divorce can bring their questions to a lawyer familiar with Texas divorce law. An attorney can help locate a mediator and draft comprehensive divorce resolutions.