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Telling your spouse that you want a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2019 | Divorce |

One of the most difficult conversations that a couple can have is about divorce. No one has figured how to make this conversation simple, easy or painless, but people who deal with divorce as professionals have developed some guidelines that work in Texas and most other states.

Once the decision is made to seek a divorce, be prepared to break the news to the other spouse. The conversation should take place at the right place and time, and with proper attention to the metal state of the other person. Understanding how they see the marriage, whether if they are blissfully ignorant of your wishes or likely share your view of its coming conclusion, will also be important. Avoiding moments when other events have been scheduled is paramount. Also, a place should be chosen that permits privacy.

The delivery of the message is also critical. The person making the announcement should be firm, but it should also be given with care. Announcing a person’s wish for a divorce in the middle of a marital spat is not good timing. Be prepared for a negative reaction, either to the idea of a divorce or to the personality of the person delivering the message.

Take pains not to get too into details when delivering the news. It may be tempting to go down that road, but leaving the initial conversation at that point and taking the time to seek additional legal guidance can help protect serve your interests in the event of a legal battle during the divorce process.

Delivering the news is an obvious but important first step. From there, understanding your options – and the considerations of others involved, including children – will be vital to ensuring the best possible situation as the parties move on from marriage.