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The benefits of prenuptial agreements

On Behalf of | May 8, 2019 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Prenuptial agreements are oftentimes misunderstood and provide a variety of advantages for couples who are considering marriage. Prenuptial agreements can protect the interests of both parties entering the marriage and are not just for couples with a significant amount of assets or for only the wealthy to consider.

Prenuptial agreements include the benefits of financial planning and clarifying responsibilities during the marriage, ensuring the new spouses are protected from the debts of the other and can also provide important protections for children from previous marriages or relationships, especially if a marriage comes later in life. Prenuptial agreements can help clarify how assets should be handled in circumstances of death and can avoid time-consuming and expensive disputes in the event there is a divorce.

There are a variety of legal complexities related to property and property division in Texas is it is helpful for the couple to be familiar with what these are. In addition, there are legal requirements to ensure the prenuptial agreement is valid that it is also important for couples considering a prenuptial agreement to be familiar with and ensure are taken care of. Without a prenuptial agreement, the parties will be subject to the state’s property division laws if they divorce.

Prenuptial agreements offer many advantages, including providing couples with more decisions-making power over their own affairs. Postnuptial agreements may also be an option couples should be familiar with and can consider. Because a prenuptial agreement can protect the interests of both parties, and offers so many advantages, couples considering marriage should be familiar with this important legal option.