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Three methods divorcing couples could choose from

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2018 | Divorce |

When it comes to ending a marriage, spouses in Texas and elsewhere are often focused just on that, dissolving the marriage and moving forward. However, that is simpler said than done. In today’s era, divorce can get messy, hostile and very costly. There are often many things to argue over, and when it is a toxic environment and emotions are running high, the process can be extended. But much like no two marriages are alike, there are no two divorces that are alike. In contrast, divorcing couples do have the same choices and resources.

There are three methods couples can chose from when ending a marriage. No single method is better or the best; however, based on the factors and circumstances surrounding the divorce, the benefits experienced by one method over another may be clear for a specific couple.

The first option is mediation. This is essentially when both spouses work together to decide what is best for their family and finances. This is often the least costly method and can take the least amount of time. However, if spouses cannot agree or it turns high conflict, this can be a very costly and ineffective method. The next is collaborative law. This is when a team of experts are used to help the spouses come up with a creative divorce solution. Unlike mediation where a mediator works with the divorcing spouses, collaborative divorce is a negotiation process between the spouses and their attorneys.

The final method is litigation. This is the traditional method and it can be the most expensive and taxing route to take. However, in some matters, it is the most effective method, as a high conflict divorce will not reach a resolution through mediation or collaboration. The downside is that the needs and wishes of each side may not be expressed and understood as well, and a judge is left to determine what is best.

No matter what divorce method is used, it is important to understand what the process looks like and how it might be suitable for your situation. Those dealing with such a matter should explore their matter further and understand how they can best protect their rights and interests.