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‘I do,’ and what about the pre-marital agreement?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2018 | Prenuptial Agreements |

A recently-engaged couple in Texas experiences a special time when they are affectionate and optimistic about the future. Taking advantage of these positive vibes and energy can help them prepare a pre-marital agreement (also known as a prenuptial agreement) to deal with the possibility of divorce. This dialogue may also have the chance of lowering the odds of separation.

Discussing pre-marital agreements is difficult but can be insightful. This provides spouses with the opportunity to speak about what is important to them. It can cover separation matters such as who would stay in the family home, whether a spouse would need financial assistance, parenting arrangements for future children and whether a spouse will have to change their job or profession.


A couple does not lose this option if they do not enter a pre-marital agreement. They can continue this process after they marry and explore similar issues by discussing post-nuptial agreements.

In addition to providing a way to ease disputes over divorce, this dialogue can also help resolve these issues during marriage before they become grounds for separation. It can also provide an opportunity for transparency over the couple’s wishes and their actual financial status.

Each future spouse may also reveal their expectations for marriage and what would constitute justifiable grounds for divorce. They should discuss matters that may be a deal-breaker for marriage such as infidelity or financial dishonesty. A helpful dialogue covers things that may change over the course of a marriage such as changing careers, spending time with friends or sex frequency.

Couples should also consider that there may be times of trouble in their relationship. They should explore their willingness to attend counseling or other intervention, how they would discuss problems, what they expect from each other in addressing potential problems, the type of problems that merit action or those which are normal and do not justify special attention.

An experienced attorney can help a future spouse explore options for pre-marital agreements and post-nuptial agreements and participate in meaningful negotiations. They can help prepare a valid pre-marital agreement or post-nuptial agreement that complies with Texas law and addresses most significant issues.

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