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Social media can be used as evidence in a divorce

When a marriage ends, it is not always amicably. Emotions often run high, which can set the stage for a contentious court battle. This is where social media has gained popularity as evidence in a divorce, so Texas residents might want to consider what they put online before and during the proceedings.

How to prepare for divorce

Divorce is typically not a split second decision. Rather, people tend to think about the possibility of divorce and if this is something they really want to go through for quite some time before actually filing.

3 common business owner divorce FAQs

Divorce happens and it happens to everyone. Doctors, lawyers and teachers -- to name only a few -- no profession is immune to the hardships of marriage that often lead to divorce. For some, though, the stakes are often higher. This includes not only high-wage earners, but also business owners, as many worry about the future of their business and if their ex-spouse will end up getting more than their fair share.

Texas divorce process can't be easily simulated

There are a lot of ways we can get some first-hand experience in dealing with touchy situations without actually exposing ourselves to the greatest possible risks. Airlines provide pilots with simulators that allow them to screw up an emergency scenario and crash without actually killing anyone. Police can go through something similar. Woe be it to the recruit who shoots a pop-up image of a mother pushing a stroller.

Pain of 'gray divorce' can extend to financial matters

Recent studies indicate that divorce among older Americans is on the rise. Texas is not immune from such trends. Those with experience in dealing with issues related to dissolutions understand that the development may represent unique challenges for those on the cusp of their golden years.

Should I consider a collaborative divorce?

Being able to claim to be the first in anything is something of a mark of pride in the United States. As it happens, Texas can place its stake in the ground as having been the first state in the union to codify into law the process we now commonly know as collaborative divorce. That happened in 2001.

Could divorce paper discrepancies spark criminal investigation?

Divorce can be a very complicated legal process. Many dissolutions in Texas may be handled simply as uncontested splits. In cases where stakes involve significant assets and disputes over the provision of child support arise, matters can become a lot more complicated. And then there may be situations in which the divorce action can even lead to possible criminal inquiry. That being said, regardless of the particulars of a given divorce case it becomes clear that experienced legal counsel should always be sought.

Tips for surviving the first post-divorce holiday season

Texas family law attorneys know that the holiday period of the year when divorce activity slows down. Couples contemplating the prospect of separating, especially if they have children, might want to make it through this last batch of special days for the sake of the kids.

Is there a right reaction to online spouse-cheating site hack?

An online cheating site for married people got hacked earlier this summer. As a result of the move, some 37 million subscribers to the Ashley Madison website saw their personal information revealed to all. The array of immediate reactions to this event has been perhaps predictable to experienced family law attorneys in Texas and the rest of the country.