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4 reasons why it is important for unmarried men to establish paternity

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2024 | Paternity |

The potential benefits of a child bonding with their father are numerous. It can enhance their emotional well-being, provide them with a strong sense of security and facilitate their social and cognitive development.

However, unmarried fathers may have to establish paternity before they can fully access these benefits and legally claim their rights and responsibilities as parents. If you are an unmarried father, it is important to understand the reasons why you should establish paternity. In Texas, you may ultimately choose to seek to establish paternity for the following reasons.

The child is entitled to certain rights

When you establish paternity in Texas, your child gains access to various legal rights, including financial support, inheritance rights, and eligibility for benefits such as Social Security and veteran’s benefits.

You can establish timesharing rights

Establishing paternity enables you to legally establish your rights to visitation, custody and decision-making authority regarding your child’s upbringing. This means you can participate in important decisions about your child’s education, healthcare and religious upbringing. By legally establishing your role as a parent, you can better ensure that you have a say in your child’s life and can maintain a meaningful and supportive relationship with them.

You are entitled to information about your child

Once you establish paternity in Texas, you gain the right to access important information about your child, including medical records, school records and other pertinent documentation. This access allows you to stay informed about your child’s well-being, progress and any important developments in their life. It also enables you to actively participate in advocating for your child’s needs and best interests.

It completes your child’s medical information and history

Your child also benefits from a comprehensive understanding of their medical background and genetic predispositions. By establishing paternity, you contribute to the completion of your child’s medical records, ensuring that healthcare providers have access to accurate information about their family medical history. This information is invaluable for diagnosing and treating any potential health conditions that may arise, as well as for implementing preventive measures to maintain their overall well-being.

Consider seeking legal guidance to better understand the process of establishing paternity in Texas and to better ensure that you fulfill all necessary legal requirements and procedures.