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Preparing financially for a divorce

Before filing for divorce, spouses in Dallas should take precautions for protecting their property and income. This is particularly important for spouses who suspect that their soon-to-be former spouse will hide assets or that the divorce will be bitter. Stay-at-home parents who did not work also have rights to the money their spouse earned and should also safeguard these rights.

What to do with property after the divorce decree

Couples in Texas may spend a long time negotiating or litigating their divorces. Their final divorce decree may end litigation or negotiations on the matter for married couples in Texas. But, it is the beginning of ensuring the proper division of the couple's assets.

Spouses who need prenups the most

Many divorce disputes can be solved in advance with properly-drafted prenuptial agreements. Their benefits are not limited to the wealthy. Starting business owners with limited resources, couples who married and moved and divorced spouses with children who remarried have the greatest need for a prenup.

Homework for divorce settlements

Entering mediation or taking other steps to settle a divorce in Texas, instead of going to court, can lower rancor and costs. Preparation can increase the odds of a successful mediation, settlement or collaborative divorce.

Same-Sex rights and divorce in Texas

The U.S. Supreme Court validated and recognized same-sex marriage across the country in 2015. However, this also posed complications for same-sex couples in Texas seeking a divorce or asserting other rights when they lived together for years without a marriage license but who held themselves out and acted as married couples.

Locating hidden divorce assets

A divorce often reveals unethical behavior, even among the affluent spouses who engage in complex maneuvers to hold onto assets. Spouses may consider unusual options to hide assets to lower alimony and child support payments.

Foreign divorces questioned

Texas recognizes a divorce granted in another state or country under the principle of comity which allows courtesy and consideration among states and nations. However, a new law may shed doubt on divorce decrees granted in foreign countries that violate due process or lack recognition of the constitutional rights of any person involved.