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How is alimony determined?

Every marriage is different, and every life is different within each marriage. The roles of each spouse in marriage are also different. In some marriages, both spouses work and earn close to the same income, while in other marriages one spouse is the main "breadwinner" and the other spouse has other roles, such as caring for the children and other tasks and responsibilities. Following a divorce, these roles obviously change.

Prenuptial agreements may save you time, money and headaches

The last thing on a person's mind when on the verge of entering into a marriage is the possibility of divorce, but as we have heard all too often, in the United States divorces are not uncommon, and it may be wise to consider talking with your soon-to-be spouse about a prenuptial agreement. The fact is that about half of all marriages will ultimately end in divorce, according to many reports and statistics. While this may sound disturbing, it is important to recognize that getting a divorce is a big step for couples. And, as many people can tell you, getting a divorce from someone in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship is much better than staying in a marriage just for the sake of staying in a marriage. Sometimes a divorce is best.

What if I believe there is mistaken paternity in Texas?

Paternity in Texas has many different aspects that come up under the law. One issue that can be complicated has to do with mistaken paternity. This can be related to paternity fraud, confusion with potential biological fathers, paternity actions and more. The state has taken steps to deal with factors that commonly arise with mistaken paternity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce in Texas

Each divorce is unique. It is not surprising that many divorce processes are confusing. While some divorces are straightforward, many are not. Over 75,000 divorce cases are filed in Texas each year; some of these cases will run smoothly and others simply won't. Will yours be complex or relatively "easy"? Will it be contentious or amicable? 

What are key points about paternity in Texas?

Some Dallas parents might have concerns when it comes to the establishment of paternity, the identification of biological fathers, child support and other issues. Understanding how to navigate this complex legal matter is imperative, particularly when it is between unmarried parents. Having a grasp of certain facts surrounding paternity is a key to settling these matters.

Assessing business value and marital debt in a Texas divorce

Divorce will undoubtedly be one of life's significant turning points. The longer you have been married and the more assets you've accumulated, the more complex the process. Things such as businesses and retirement packages must be assessed and weighed against marital debt.