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Prenuptial agreements may save you time, money and headaches

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2017 | Divorce |

The last thing on a person’s mind when on the verge of entering into a marriage is the possibility of divorce, but as we have heard all too often, in the United States divorces are not uncommon, and it may be wise to consider talking with your soon-to-be spouse about a prenuptial agreement. The fact is that about half of all marriages will ultimately end in divorce, according to many reports and statistics. While this may sound disturbing, it is important to recognize that getting a divorce is a big step for couples. And, as many people can tell you, getting a divorce from someone in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship is much better than staying in a marriage just for the sake of staying in a marriage. Sometimes a divorce is best.

Our readers can consider a prenuptial agreement like an insurance policy. No one can predict their future. Situations change, jobs change, living situations change and people change. Change is often inevitable.

This means that the feelings you have for someone right now may also change. A prenuptial agreement allows you to talk with your spouse while you are both thinking positively, about how things would be determined in the event of change.

Anyone who has been in a divorce can tell you that emotions often play a role in a person’s decision making and at the time of a divorce it is crucial to proceed with a sound mind, free of emotional baggage which may lead to you to make a bad decision or say the wrong thing at the wrong time and jeopardize you, your children and your future. And it is during these times that it is crucial to have the best information to help you make the best decisions for you, your family, and your future.