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Choosing a Dallas divorce attorney

Anyone who has shopped for a house or car knows that research and careful consideration are important elements of the decision-making process. When Dallas residents find that they need a family law attorney, research and careful consideration again play important roles.

$400 million Texas divorce is on, then off

There is little doubt that many of our Dallas family law blog readers have driven south to enjoy the vacation pleasures available in Galveston, Texas. The coastal city offers to visitors the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, great food, spectacular sightseeing and much more.It is also the spot where a divorce nightmare has unfolded, according to reports. Two years ago, a legal notice was published in the daily newspaper. It was part of a chain of events that resulted first in a $400 million divorce and then an unraveling of that decree. 

Dividing books, dividing interests in divorce

It is almost always difficult to pull apart the woven strands of life spent together. Divorce is not an easy process, but it is an important one that can lead to a better life. A writer and English professor who used to live here in Texas recently put down the feelings she struggled with as her marriage of 15 years was ending in separation and then divorce. Being a writer and lover of words, one of her greatest struggles was deciding on which books to keep and which to give up to either her ex or to a charity.

Parental alienation makes child custody disputes even more difficult

It is one of the most wrenching experiences a mother or father can endure: parental alienation. It exists when one parent emotionally manipulates their child into believing that the other parent is a bad person. The result of parental alienation is hostility exhibited by the child toward the parent unfairly cast as bad, evil, abusive or all of the above.An article in Parent Herald points out that a recent study shows that more than 22 million U.S. parents are at risk of becoming victims of parental alienation. As you might expect, the phenomenon often occurs leading up to and during a contentious divorce with a child custody dispute