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$400 million Texas divorce is on, then off

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2016 | Divorce |

There is little doubt that many of our Dallas family law blog readers have driven south to enjoy the vacation pleasures available in Galveston, Texas. The coastal city offers to visitors the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, great food, spectacular sightseeing and much more.

It is also the spot where a divorce nightmare has unfolded, according to reports. Two years ago, a legal notice was published in the daily newspaper. It was part of a chain of events that resulted first in a $400 million divorce and then an unraveling of that decree. 

Winnie Alwazzan lives there in Galveston, while her husband, Isa Alwazzan, resides in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Their estrangement is so complete that Winnie did not even have Isa’s address in the Middle East nation.

At one point, she had her attorneys freeze $4 million in Isa’s Bahrain-based family company. That move resulted in the divorce being reversed, the Houston Chronicle says.

Her attorney says she will appeal that decision. He figures that a new judgment will, with interest, top a half-billion dollars.

She recently said at a press conference that her husband — who is still legally married to her — is involved in bigamy. Isa apparently married another person on the day before his and Winnie’s 30th wedding anniversary.

The Chronicle notes that bigamy is legal in Bahrain. Isa can be married to up to four women there.

We do not know where this case will go from here, but we do know that in the U.S., spouses can have one marriage at a time. When that relationship ends, a Dallas family law attorney can help you protect yourself, your assets and your family.