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Married on Valentine’s Day? Prepare for divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2016 | Divorce |

There are special days recognized by almost everyone: July 4th, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day and so on. Sometimes people take those special days and get married on those dates, making their specialness even more special. What is more romantic than marrying on Valentine’s Day?

A new study shows that those who make those special days extra-special with weddings are 36 percent more likely to see their marriages end in divorce than those who marry on ordinary days.

The report by University of Melbourne economists is titled “Not Your Lucky Day: Romantically and Numerically Special Wedding Date Divorce Risks.” The study shows that special days/holidays are very popular as wedding dates, with up to 5 times as many wedding ceremonies on those dates compared to ordinary dates.

Consider that of those who marry on Valentine’s Day, for instance, 11 percent never make it to their fifth anniversary. That compares to 8 percent of folks who marry on ordinary days. A full 21 percent of Valentine’s Day marriages end in divorce by the 9th year, compared to 16 percent of ordinary-day marriages.

What accounts for those differences? Researchers found that people who married on those special days were less alike in age and education level than spouses who married on ordinary days. Women who married on Valentine’s Day were also more likely to be pregnant on that day than women who married on ordinary days.

As far as we know, there is no especially good or bad day on which to begin thinking about divorce. It is rarely a happy occasion, but it is a day on which it makes sense to begin the process of finding an experienced Dallas attorney who will help you protect your priorities in family law matters.