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Married on Valentine's Day? Prepare for divorce

There are special days recognized by almost everyone: July 4th, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's Day and so on. Sometimes people take those special days and get married on those dates, making their specialness even more special. What is more romantic than marrying on Valentine's Day?

Is your spouse hiding IP assets? Find out before you divorce

If you are facing divorce, it is likely that you already have at least a surface-level understanding of property division. You may already know that you and your ex will have to figure out what to do with your house, determine how to split up your vehicles, and fairly divide bank and other accounts.

Challenges faced by older divorcing couples

Divorce can be emotionally difficult, especially when it comes later in life. Because older couples have had more time to settle into their careers and accumulate wealth, it can make resolution of property division disputes more problematic than it often is with young couples.

Long-term commitments: Marriage and mortgage

We start off our long-term relationships with the best of intentions. Marriages are meant to last forever and mortgages are designed to end in full home ownership after 30 years. Both of these commitments can end prematurely, of course.You can sell your house, for instance, and relieve yourself of a mortgage that way. Some unfortunate people wind up losing their homes because of financial difficulties, and some even pay off their 30-year loans early. With marriage, the early end is typically in divorce, of course. A recent Forbes article described how those two kinds of long-term commitments - marriage and mortgage - can be linked.