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Choices in divorce and child custody disputes

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2016 | Child Custody |

Parents who are thinking of divorcing should proceed carefully, a social psychologist wrote recently. She says that just as marriage should not be entered into lightly, neither should divorce.

After all, the choices you make in divorce and custody disputes can have a lasting impact on your child. The most important of those decisions, writes Dr. Jamie Williamson, is the choice as to whether your divorce will be hostile or amicable. The choice is yours, regardless if it feels like a choice or not, she states.

The decision impacts not only your children, but you as well. A bitter, acrimonious split can deal blows to you on a variety of fronts, including your emotional well-being and your financial health.

The Florida psychologist says she recently worked with a couple on their parenting plan. During mediated negotiations, the couple sometimes chose to engage in accusations, judgmental comments and bickering.

The wife said she and her husband wanted a friendly divorce, but struggled to find a way to do it. It seemed to her that they had become perpetual adversaries. “It’s just who we are now,” she said. “What choice do we have?”

The psychologist reminded them of the impact their bitter interactions would likely have on their son, and also encouraged them to do better. The fact that they wanted to a friendly divorce spoke volumes about them.

Parents who have gone through divorce know that child custody disputes can be the most difficult disagreements to resolve. Lasting resolutions can be found with the help of a skilled Dallas family law attorney experienced in protecting the best interests of children, as well as the parental rights of clients.