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Some tips on planning a solid Texas prenuptial agreement

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder goes the saying. The same could also be said about the view one holds about prenuptial agreements. Many in Texas may pooh-pooh even the thought of such documents saying that they presume divorce and that if you think that way, it will happen.

Is there a right reaction to online spouse-cheating site hack?

An online cheating site for married people got hacked earlier this summer. As a result of the move, some 37 million subscribers to the Ashley Madison website saw their personal information revealed to all. The array of immediate reactions to this event has been perhaps predictable to experienced family law attorneys in Texas and the rest of the country.

A deeper dive into the types of child custody in Texas

As we have observed in a previous post, legal terms that may be commonly understood in other states can be slightly different in Texas. What is usually referred to as child custody is known as conservatorship in the Lone Star state.