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Mediation means looking for a quieter path through divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2015 | Divorce |

“Can we all get along?” Dallas readers may recognize that as the plea from Los Angeles police beating victim Rodney King during race riots in 1992. Those were contentious times that resulted in a lot of upheaval and unrest.

Those with experience in family law know that going through a divorce can sometimes trigger similar tensions among the parties involved. Emotions run high and fears that much of what one holds so dear might somehow be lost may fuel anxieties and spark acrimony.

Divorce does not have to be like that. Indeed, the state of Texas often require couples going through a breakup to undertake mediation efforts before the case is brought before the court. The objective in such instances is to provide an environment in which issues of dispute can be examined and hopefully resolved in a civilized way.

The idea is to negotiate, rather than litigate. If all goes well and agreement is reached on all points, an uncontested divorce may result. But even if a couple finds they are at odds on individual issues such as child custody arrangements or property division or something else, mediation might be called for to specifically address those matters.

The goal is total agreement and the advantage of mediation is typically a swifter and less costly resolution of your difficulties. But what that can mean is that even an uncontested divorce can suddenly turn into a contested divorce.

To find the right path to resolution, whether it involves mediation or contesting issues in court, and to achieve the outcome desired, representation by experienced legal counsel is recommended. We invite you to explore our website in more depth to learn more about how our firm might be able to serve your needs.