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Do wealthy spouses have a right to alimony?

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2024 | Divorce |

Divorce is rarely easy, and emotions may cloud the already murky waters of financial matters. One particularly contentious issue arises when one spouse is financially secure yet still pursues alimony from their ex.

Whether you believe your spouse’s alimony request is unwarranted or you are the spouse pursuing it despite having financial resources of your own, the following information can give you some clarity.

Personal sacrifices can play a role

While ensuring basic survival is a primary validation for alimony, those with their own means may have legitimate reasons for seeking support. For example, one spouse may have sacrificed career prospects or personal assets to help the other succeed.

Making substantial sacrifices for the good of the marriage and the other spouse can put people at a financial disadvantage, regardless of their personal assets. Alimony, in this scenario, could be seen as just compensation for their contribution to shared success.

Maintaining the standard of living

Furthermore, even with individual wealth, maintaining the pre-divorce standard of living might be challenging for the spouse with fewer resources. Divorce often disrupts financial structures, and alimony can act as a bridge, allowing time for adjustments and ensuring a smoother transition.

A judge may award spousal support to help a party maintain the standard of living enjoyed during marriage. In long marriages where both spouses grew accustomed to a certain lifestyle, alimony may be particularly relevant.

In Texas, where courts often hesitate to award spousal support, it is a much more nuanced topic than you might think. Regardless of which side of the table you sit on, you should find out how it works if you are getting a divorce. Legal guidance will help you seek the best outcome for your unique circumstances.