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2 ways to ease breakups for unmarried Texas couples

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2024 | Prenuptial Agreements |

For unwed couples, severing intimate ties can be surprisingly complicated. Unlike their married counterparts, they lack the legal protections and frameworks that automatically come with marriage.

This can be highly stressful for unwed couples, especially if they share kids. Fortunately, there are legal tools that can help protect the property and parental rights of both parties if and when they go their separate ways.

A cohabitation agreement defines the lines

As you know, married couples use pre-and postnuptial agreements to address property matters and define their rights. If divorce occurs, these contracts can form the foundation of a property settlement. Unwed partners cannot create marital agreements, but a cohabitation agreement could be a satisfactory substitute.

It can detail ownership of pre-existing and jointly acquired property, possibly preventing disputes when ending your partnership. You can also address debt allocation in a cohabitation agreement.

Mediated child custody helps find common ground

Unfortunately, painful custody battles plague many unmarried (and married) parents. The good news is you may have another option. With guidance from a neutral mediator, you can take a collaborative approach to custody issues, including:

  • Primary residence, visitation schedules, and how to handle holidays and special occasions
  • Decision-making responsibilities regarding education, health care and many other child-related matters
  • Establishing healthy parental communication channels to avoid conflict and ensure the child’s continued well-being

Of course, a judge may weigh in on child-related matters, but they typically view mediated agreements favorably.

In Texas, where the distinctions between marriage and cohabitation are pronounced, minimizing potential complications can smooth the way for all. Whether anticipating a breakup or you merely want to define your respective relationship roles, it’s important to know what protective legal options are available.