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3 ways virtual visitation can bridge a geographical gap

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Child Custody |

Family members don’t always live within “throwing distance” of one another. This can make it challenging, especially for parents who do not always reside with their child, to maintain meaningful connections with their children when physical distance becomes a barrier.

Thankfully, virtual visitation is emerging as a powerful solution, offering innovative ways for parents to stay involved in their children’s lives despite the miles that separate them. If you’re a parent who lives far away from your kids some of the time, you should consider requesting virtual visitation to bridge the geographical gap between you, your co-parent and your kids.

There are several good reasons why more and more parents are embracing virtual visitation due to its flexibility and convenience, including the following.

Establishing consistent communication channels

Parents living far away from their kids should establish consistent communication channels to help maintain a regular and predictable connection with their children. Utilizing video calls, instant messaging and even virtual storytelling sessions can create a routine that children can anticipate.

Creating virtual rituals

Family rituals play a crucial role in bonding. Thankfully, even in the virtual realm, parents who are geographically distant from their children can create unique rituals, such as virtual dinner nights or bedtime stories. These rituals add a layer of consistency that would otherwise be impossible without virtual visitation, making it more memorable and impactful for the children.

Navigating sensitive topics with care

Distance can amplify the challenge of discussing sensitive topics between kids and their parents. However, parents who live far away from their kids don’t have to miss out on their offspring’s significant milestones. Virtual platforms provide a safe space for open communication, allowing such parents to address concerns that their children might have at various stages of development.

Virtual visitation stands out as a transformative solution for parents facing geographical challenges. Parents can build and maintain strong connections with their children by requesting that virtual visitation terms be added to their parenting plan.