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What should you do if your partner asks you to sign a prenup?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Prenuptial Agreements |

Prenuptial agreements, or prenups, have gained a bad reputation, most of which is unwarranted. Like many, you may associate pre-marital agreements with distrust and lack of commitment.

When asked to sign a prenup, you may feel surprised, hurt or even offended. But the truth is, prenups can be a positive step in building a healthy and secure marriage.

Before you react, take a breath and consider these steps.

Understand their reasons

Talk openly and honestly with your partner about why they want a prenup. Do they have concerns about protecting their business or assets? Are they worried about future debts? Understanding their perspective can help ease your anxieties and facilitate a productive discussion.

Don’t sign immediately

Do not feel pressured into signing a legal document you do not understand or agree with. Take time to read it carefully and ask about anything unclear. You should also know that you can negotiate the terms of the prenup.

Look for benefits

Contrary to belief, prenuptial agreements offer several benefits, such as peace of mind and clarity about financial matters. They can also protect both spouses from future financial hardships.

Seek independent legal counsel

Avoid relying solely on your partner or their representative to explain the prenup. Have your own representative review the agreement to ensure it is valid under Texas law and does not jeopardize your rights.

A prenuptial agreement need not indicate your relationship will fail or that your partner does not trust you. When it protects your marital rights, it could be a proactive step towards a secure and happy marriage. These tips may help you navigate the prenup process confidently.