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3 tips for working together after a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2023 | Divorce |

Working with an ex-spouse to run a business post-divorce can be challenging but potentially rewarding. For couples who have invested time, energy and resources into building a business together, continuing as business partners after their relationship has ended can make practical and financial sense.

Navigating this unique dynamic requires careful planning and clear boundaries. Consider these three critical considerations for ex-spouses who maintain their professional relationship after the divorce.

1: Establishing clear and formal agreements

Establishing clear, formal agreements is the first step in successfully running a business with an ex-spouse. This involves drafting legal documents that outline each person’s role, responsibilities and financial entitlements.

These agreements should cover all aspects of the business partnership, including decision-making processes, profit sharing, and procedures for resolving disputes. Having everything in writing provides a clear framework for the business relationship and helps prevent future misunderstandings and conflicts.

2: Setting professional boundaries

Maintaining professional boundaries is crucial when working with an ex-spouse. This means separating personal issues from business decisions and interactions. Both parties should agree to keep their communication and conduct strictly professional while at work or discussing business matters.

3: Planning for the future

It’s vital for ex-spouses running a business together to plan for the future. This includes considering scenarios such as one party wanting to leave the business, the business needing additional investment or disagreements over the direction of the business. Planning for the future ensures that both parties are prepared for any changes in their business relationship and can smoothly transition without jeopardizing the business’s success.

Remember, the business is only one part of the property division during the divorce. Taking the time to set everything up precisely is crucial.