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When may the Texas court terminate a parent-child relationship?

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2023 | blog, Fathers' Rights |

The family court may review evidence to determine if grounds exist for an involuntary termination of a parent-child relationship. As described in Chapter 161 of the Texas Family Code, voluntarily abandoning or leaving a child alone could lead to an order that terminates a parent’s relationship.

If you believe your ex-spouse left your child with someone else, you may wish to find out if your child could have faced any possible danger. Exposing a child to an environment that might bring physical or emotional abuse could compel the family court to intervene.

Uncovering circumstances that may prove harmful to children

In some cases, negligent parents may leave their children alone for an unreasonable amount of time and without adequate food or necessities. As noted by BetterHealth.com, asking children about meals and routine grooming habits could help reveal neglectful parenting.

A child who frequently misses school or stays away from your ex-spouse’s home for extended periods may reflect signs of a serious domestic problem. If you ask to review your child’s educational or medical records, you may learn more about how well your ex-spouse has taken on basic child-rearing responsibilities.

Addressing substance abuse issues

If a parent develops substance abuse problems, it could endanger a child’s health and safety. Under these circumstances, the court may review the relationship. If, for example, your child drinks beer or liquor at your ex-spouse’s home it may reveal alcohol-related issues. You may ask the court to intervene if you believe harm might come to your child.

When an individual can no longer care properly for a child, a change in the custody or visitation rights previously established may help resolve the issue. The Texas Family Code provides a range of circumstances that could result in the court terminating a parent-child relationship.